Dealing with Traumatic Injury

Suffering a debilitating spinal injury is life changing. The physical and emotional stress of the injury, hospitals and recovery can make it feel like life will never be the same. The constant physical pain can make everyday tasks unbearable. Sometimes, the best cure is an escape.


   An Escape from the Roller Coaster Ride

For me, my spine injury required physical therapy twice a day, 7 days a week. It literally became a full time job. Apart from not being a lot of fun, it was very painful! The mental frustration of not being able to do the outdoor activities that once defined me compounded things. Thankfully, golf was there for me.


   Golf as Recreational Therapy

If you're already a golfer, then there's no need for me tell you how great this game is. For many that play the game, it's a passion, even an obsession - and an escape. An escape from the stresses of day to day life, work, stress; it all melts away the moment you step on that first tee and put your tee in the ground. The fresh air, the green grass, the beautiful scenery and the camraderie of being in a serene place with your friends. Sounds ideal, doesn't it?

Dealing with a life changing injury is something that you life with 24/7. But for those 4 or 5 hours you're on the golf course, you forget that something terrible has happened to. You forget about the pain. You forget about the things you can't do anymore and start to focus on simply enjoying the game - something you can do. You remember what it feels like to be NORMAL again.


   What it Feels Like to be Normal

RSHaH's mission is to provide golf experiences that restore a feeling of normalcy. A day or weekend without hospital visits or painful therapy. A day at a beautiful course with people who you can relate to - people who just want to feel normal again, if just for the day. But the beauty of golf is, it doesn't have to be just for the day. You can feel like this everday, for the rest of your life.

   Golf - A Game for a Lifetime

Utilizing the Rotary Swing Tour (RST) swing mechanics, we can teach you a biomechanically safe and effortless way to swing the golf club, despite the physical limitations you may have from your injury. Part of the golf outing is providing free RST golf instruction to help you continue down your golfing journey.


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